ulica Witkiewicza 18
34-500 Zakopane

GSM: +48 601 505 602 

e-mail  :


After preliminary findings must pay a down payment on a bank account:
Bank PKO S.A. o / Zakopane ul. Krupówki 19

32 1240 5165 1111 0000 5227 6558

or by postal home address:

Barbara Mietelska
ul. Witkiewicza 18
34-500 Zakopane


"ARTIS" is entered in the records of the City as the object of providing hospitality services which ensures that led activity is legal and controlled for the benefit of tourists (also by Sanepid). The object is marked with a special plate with the emblem of the city and area.



In Zakopane, at the first roundabout go straight direction ¬ "Kościelisko", at the second roundabout go left ¬ direction "Centrum". The first traffic lights go straight and at the second traffic light, turn left. Before the end of the street ¬ ¬ Witkiewicz on the right side is a sign "ARTIS" - in front of him turn into the alley by the arrow.